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Dr. Louis Lynn Named Small & Minority Business Advocate Of The Year

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(Columbia, SC) — ENVIRO AgScience, Inc. founder and chairman Dr. Louis Lynn was awarded the Small & Minority Business Advocate of the Year award by the Columbia Chamber of Commerce. He received the honor during the Chamber’s annual gala on September 24, 2015.

The award recognizes a strong commitment to community service, innovation in thought, and diversity in the workplace and region. Dr. Lynn is the second recipient of the honor.

“Being recognized as an advocate for minority and small businesses is an extension of ENVIRO’s mission to give back to communities where we work,” said Dr. Lynn, of his company’s commitment to social and civic responsibility. “We believe in hiring local subcontractors and helping smaller firms build their capacity by giving them larger roles and greater responsibility.”

Currently, Dr. Lynn serves as a Regional Executive Vice President for the National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC). NAMC is the leading membership organization for minority contractors with chapters throughout the United States. Dr. Lynn also serves as the South Carolina chapter president, which advocates the inclusion and development of small, minority and disadvantaged business through purchasing and subcontracting opportunities.

In addition, ENVIRO’s workforce development program increases opportunities for aspiring small business owners. It provides entrepreneurship and job readiness skills to students in predominantly minority Richland School District Two, and was recently expanded to skilled tradespersons who receive internships with subcontractors in the Greater Columbia area. The program trains young and unskilled minds to think like entrepreneurs so they can become employers in the labor force.

Since launching the company in 1985, Lynn has fueled ENVIRO’s growth into a leading full-service construction management company servicing private sector, government, education, and military clients. The 30-year-old business provides construction, construction management, architectural, and landscape services.

In past years, ENVIRO AgScience, Inc. has also been recognized as the “Small Business of the Year” by U.S. Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency, the fourth fastest growing company in South Carolina, and one of Black Enterprise’s Top 100 Largest Black Owned Firms.



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Leave an Inheritance to Your Children


I don’t know what’s harder: raising children or building a business. But after doing both for several decades, I can say that, without a doubt, it’s more important to raise children. Nothing gives you more pride than watching your children develop into thriving adults. It’s our charge from God, and it’s one that my wife and I took very seriously.

God also instructs a good man to leave an inheritance to his children, and what better inheritance than to leave them than the business I started 30 years ago. So, when it looked like my time to step aside, step down or just step away was approaching, I prayed long and hard about how to pass the torch. My three children had all become accomplished in their own respective career paths, so I first had to transition them into the business. Then, I had to figure out how to transition the business to them.

As always, God sent me clear guidance and direction from a number of advisers and consultants including the Atlanta Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Business Center.   My family and I began working with them about three years ago and learned right away that succession planning is not just about letting someone –even with your last name – step into your role. It’s about relinquishing the reins to the right person and making a smooth transition of power that doesn’t interrupt or disrupt the success you’ve created.  Sure, I’ve given my children many presents throughout their lives, but this was different. It wasn’t about wrapping up the business in a pretty package or putting a big C-suite key in a box. This was about preparing them, and myself, to pass down a legacy.

We all worked with the consultants to develop an action plan that would minimize the pitfalls that other businesses face when they fail to plan. We identified and talked about our strengths, challenges and vision for the future of the company. Coming in agreement, we found the right mix of skills, talent and aspirations to carry my vision forward and ensure success for those we work with and employ.

At the same time, I learned to step out of their way and not dictate to them how to lead. They each bring something unique to the business, and it’s my duty as the retiring CEO and their father, to help them develop their own leadership style. And that’s exactly what they’re doing.

While new leadership brings change, I am proud that my children have kept and embraced the Biblical guiding principal that I used — Proverbs 16:3.   ENVIRO AgScience, Inc. continues to contribute time and resources to pay our civic rent in the communities where we do business.   I’m proud of the adults my children have become, and I’m growing increasingly proud of who they are becoming as the new leaders of ENVIRO. I thank God for providing me with capable, loving hands to pass the torch.

Dr. Lynn

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