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ENVIRO AgScience, Inc. Celebrates Thirty Year Anniversary

(Columbia, SC)— ENVIRO AgScience, Inc., a Columbia-based construction and commercial landscaping firm is proud to celebrate thirty years of business on November 18, 2015.

Founded by Dr. Louis B. Lynn in 1985 after a successful career at one of the nation’s largest agrichemical companies, Dr. Lynn has parlayed a “golden handshake” from Monsanto Corporation into a multi-generational, black-owned construction and landscaping firm. Headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina and an office in metro Atlanta, ENVIRO began as a commercial lawn care business that has grown into a full-service construction and landscape company servicing government, military, schools and universities along with private sector firms.

The ENVIRO philosophy is as much about building relationships as it is about buildings, with the building starting at home in Columbia, South Carolina. Lynn credits small business programs for opening up many of those opportunities to work on Columbia projects which allowed the business to compete and grow.  Local, state and federal programs geared toward helping small and minority-owned businesses compete in the market has served as a hallmark of ENVIRO’s success. ENVIRO is a recent graduate of the SBA 8(a) business program and is currently a participant in the SBA HUBZone program. ENVIRO AgScience, Inc. was recognized as the “Small Business of the Year” by South Carolina’s Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency, the fourth fastest growing company in South Carolina, and one of Black Enterprise’s Top 100 Largest Black Owned Firms. Most recently, Dr. Lynn was named “Small and Minority Business Advocate of the Year” by the Columbia Chamber of Commerce.

ENVIRO has a strong commitment to community service, innovation in thought, and diversity in the workplace and with its suppliers. The ENVIRO mission is to actively give back and “pay our civic rent” by creating job opportunities, nurturing small businesses through mentorship and serving with the organizations in the community that make a difference. ENVIRO also helps to spark the spirit of entrepreneurship through workforce development programs, which trains local students think like entrepreneurs so they can become future employers in the labor force.

With a legacy of business excellence and ownership, including his grandfather, who owned a grocery store and his father, who ran a butcher shop, Dr. Lynn also chose the path of entrepreneurship. In March, ENVIRO executed its succession plan and Dr. Lynn assumed the role of chairman, leaving his children to manage daily operations and strategy of the family’s construction management and commercial landscape firm. Vice president Dr. Krystal Lynn Conner took over as chief executive officer and vice president Adrienne Lynn Sienkowski became chief operating officer. Bryan Lynn was named Facilities Manager.

Building on a 30-year foundation, ENVIRO will continue to be responsive, deliver a quality product and always do the right thing. The siblings, Adrienne, Krystal and Bryan are committed to run a company that will strive to fulfill customers’ wishes and needs. ENVIRO’s future endeavors include: public sector projects, both federal and municipal, transportation industry focusing on aviation-airports, large acreage ground maintenance/landscaping and international markets. “As we move into the next phase of our succession plan, I am so proud and excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for the company,” said Lynn.  “We are a multi-generational company that is poised for significant growth led by the next generation.”

ENVIRO is best known for building schools and community centers in the Columbia area, but has also been involved in military structures, jails, mess halls, warehouses and historic, municipal and airport renovations throughout Georgia and North and South Carolina. Currently, ENVIRO is part of the team helping to build a new minor league baseball stadium, Spirit Communications Park, completing bond referendum projects with the Richland County Recreation Commission and annual grounds maintenance for Richland Two School District.

The story of the successful partnerships between ENVIRO AgScience, the local community and private and public sector partners demonstrate that mentoring works.  The Lynn family has big future plans and goals for ENVIRO AgScience but always striving to reach back and help another ensuring the future of our families, communities and next generations.



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A Way To Grow and Compete


That old adage rings true in business: sometimes, two heads are better than one.

As we grow ENVIRO Agscience into one of the premier construction and landscape firms in the country, we’ve learned that partnering with other companies helps advance our growth strategy tremendously. Joint Ventures (JV) and/or Teaming Agreements– with similar sized firms or larger ones – maximize the best that each company has to offer and increase the benefit for the client. It’s a win-win-win for all companies involved.

ENVIRO uses partners to strengthen long-term relationships and to collaborate on short-term projects.  Partnering helps us grow our business, increase productivity and generate profit.  They also help us gain entry into new markets, increase capacity, share financial risks, provide access to greater resources; including specialized staff, technology and project financing/bonding capacity. We have used joint venture, teaming agreement and strategic partnerships on most construction jobs over $10MM and currently partner with three JVs.

When ENVIRO was in the SBA 8(a) program, we found joint ventures to be a good tool for learning the processes, procedures and policies that help fuel the growth of our organization. These teaching opportunities provided us with significant on-the-job training and priceless preparation for future expansion.

As with any relationship, finding a good partner is critical. ENVIRO uses a team approach to identify opportunities and partners. Our marketing director, Ly Eldridge, researches opportunities that fit our corporate profile, and she never seems to sleep. Lonnie Leslie, our business development director, networks at events across the country to connect with corporations that may have an interest in working with us. Director of construction, LeRoy Courseault, recently joined our effort to ensure that opportunities are an ideal fit. Our team weighs the risks and benefits of each opportunity before presenting them to leadership. Thank goodness for a team that makes decision-making a lot easier.

A good opportunity begins with a good partner, and it’s best to pick a partner you can trust. Your ideal partner should share similar business philosophies and corporate cultures. You’ll work closely together, so like-mindedness helps to minimize conflict. Communication is key. Meet regularly and remain transparent with open, honest discussion about the direction you want to take.

(Remember that sometimes even a successful company on paper just won’t be a good fit for your company’s goals and objectives. Don’t force it.)

Once you’ve identified your ideal partner and established open lines of communication, you should reap the rewards of a solid business relationship. The opportunities can be endless, so make the most of them.

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