ENVIRO AgScience, Inc.


Social Media is Serious Business


For businesses in the digital era, social media is not about socializing; it’s about engaging and telling your story. Social media has become an increasingly powerful marketing tool, even for the construction industry.

Our industry has learned to brandish the power of this medium to leverage growth. According to a 2013 Construction Marketing Association survey, 97 percent of construction professionals are active on social media. This recent survey reflects a 7 percent growth rate each year.

What are they doing on social media? They’re blogging, posting videos on YouTube, and Tweeting have increased 8, 12, and 13 percent. And so is ENVIRO AgScience.

Like most firms, we are using social media to interact with our clients, prospects and customers. It’s a good way to engage with our partners and customers for our construction and landscape business.

Our posts helps keep our followers engaged, informed and hopefully inspired. And it gives us a voice and shows a bit of our brand personality.

Because social media is interactive, we also use it to hear from our followers. We monitor our posts and comments to see what’s on your mind. So, we encourage our users to let us know what you like and don’t like and what you’d like to see. We’re active on social media, and we’re listening.

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