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Dr. Conner Completes Tuck School MBE Program

Dr. Krystal Conner attended the Building a High-Performing Minority Business Program as part of Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. The program is designed for minority firms to evaluate and strengthen their businesses by using the business as a case study. This week-long program gives business owners the skills to thrive in a rapidly-changing marketplace while surrounded by other businesses for inspiration and professional development.

“My participation in Tuck’s program helped me look at our supply chain and find ways to maximize performance and profitability across all sectors of our business offerings. I came back better informed and inspired to lead ENVIRO to the next level. In keeping with the execution of the succession plan, the Tuck School program was a great investment for the future of ENVIRO. We can now work to apply all the teaching and guidance in our strategy and planning for the coming year,” stated Dr. Conner.