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Atlanta’s Visitor Center Grand Opening at the Atlanta Airport

Jason Howard, scheduler for ENVIRO attended the Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening of the Atlanta’s Visitor Center at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on January 26th. The new Airport Visitor Information Center (VIC) is designed to provide travelers with a wide range of travel assistance including friendly trip-planning assistance from knowledgeable staff, travel brochures, state travel guides, travel tips and much more. The VIC is located at the top of the arrival escalators, allowing travelers to access the information before or after visiting baggage claim.

Jason is currently working as project engineer, scheduler and safety manager on the West Crossover Improvements. ENVIRO is currently working on several projects as JV Partner with  Dunn Aviation Group. The Atlanta Visitor Center is part of the West Crossover Improvements project that includes Terminal Restroom upgrades, updated arrival, departure and baggage claim signage, Floor and Ceiling improvements.

The West Crossover is located in the main terminal it is the bride from the South Terminal to the North Terminal. It also the location where passenger disembark from the train to get their cars, meet with their family, obtain rental cars, etc. The purpose of the project was to open up the space and modernize the West Crossover. The project opened to the public on November 17th. Final completion of the project set for mid-February. The next phase is the West Crossover Phase 3, where the escalator corridor in the Main Terminal will be modernized.

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